55 Small Home Office Ideas

The open floorplan offers several options for hobby rooms, playrooms and home offices. Besides improving productivity, it’s good for your work-life balance as well. Being able to switch off after your office hours will help you relax.

  • It is about living comfortably while being surrounded by the things we love.
  • While an adjustable-height desk is ideal it’s not always practical in a home office setting.
  • Some like to face the window, but if that proves too distracting, put the desk perpendicular to it.

“Privacy is one of the top things people are looking for, in terms of being able to filter out noise, especially if you’re on a lot of https://remotemode.net/ video calls throughout the day,” explains Hayman. Since home offices are such functional spaces, standard décor can feel out of place.

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Harsh artificial or natural light is what creates the monitor glare that tires our eyes. Having your lights on dimmers and hanging light-filtering shades on your windows allows you to adjust light levels throughout the day as needed. All office chairs should swivel freely to allow for easy access to various parts of the desk.

  • If you have the space, consider creating a small area that’s warm and inviting.
  • If you prefer a clean desktop, designate one drawer for your “to-do” papers.
  • Basic wire management can go a long way towards improving your office aesthetic.

Figure out the best way to track time in your home office. For some people a clock on the wall is enough, others prefer Pomodoro timers or use alarms on their phones. Whatever method you choose, it should help you stay focused, as well as make time for resting.

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Some desks have handy wire channels to keep your tangle of cables neatly out of the way. If your chosen desk does not, you will need to consider the placement of the desk for a neat and safe connection to plug sockets. With bespoke units, you can specify how many power points you want and where cables need to go, so ensure you factor in lighting, computers, printer, TV, music system and charging points. You may also want a mini-fridge and tea/coffee making facilities, too. On the other hand, if you run a small business from home while keeping an eye on children, you may need your workspace near the kitchen or sitting room, perhaps in an under-used dining room. An ideal solution in this case might be a cupboard workstation.

Consider fun textiles or abstract wall art to spark ideas, or if your tastes run more traditional, focus on symmetry and function. Add extra touches that showcase your personality, like a pretty mug, unique notepads, or a decorative wastebasket. You always want to make sure your workspace and the items in it are functional and able to help you get your job done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your some style to your space! Once you’ve answered the questions above, you’ll be ready to turn your dream home office into a reality. Here are my top 5 tips for designing a modern home office. In spite of #1, there should be some leeway on what you can place in your workspace for that personal touch and inspiration to an otherwise, sterile office environment. Note that the purpose of these items or design is to help you sustain that positive mood and energy to work on your tasks.

  • Place computers on tables with plenty of working space, where you may also add a small printer if you frequently need to print documents.
  • A purpose-designed home office desk lamp is a must-have, but creating the right ambience in a home office is essential, and clever lighting is crucial to achieving it, too.
  • In stylist Carlos Mota’s Dominican Republic beach house, a Picasso-inspired mural decorates a wall near the office, where an Indian chair is pulled up to a desk designed by Mota.
  • Besides, always remember to keep your elbows at right angles and the screen roughly at eye level so your body is properly aligned.

But don’t forget that a home office is a workspace first and foremost. There will be lots of demand for home office updates in the upcoming years. We may or may not line our shelves with books, but a monitor at a comfortable height and good lighting for Zoom calls are more important considerations. Scatter succulents and plants — real or fake — on shelves and reap the benefits, especially if you choose air-purifying varieties like spider and snake plants.

Keep It Light

Inspire yourself with primary colors, where they provide the perfect burst of shape and structure in this office space. The mirrored trestle desk from Liz O’Brien and Artemide’s Tizio lamp brighten the library in the Manhattan apartment, too.

Research shows that light affects cognitive performance, mood, and alertness. No matter how perfect a desk looks in a particular spot, no one will want to sit there if it’s dark or uncomfortable. You’re excited about the new look you’re going to give the room — we get it.

Sarah Schwuchow, owner/principal interior designer at Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors, agrees that you don’t need a full-scale wall to produce the necessary delineation. “A decorative screen can help conceal your work area while adding a little more decor to your living space,” she says. Home offices should be functional spaces that allow people to efficiently organize their work items and supplies as well as their stuff for their hobbies and craft projects. To keep clutter at bay, incorporate storage space into your design. Use traditional cabinets for storing supplies and books as well as shelves for displays. If doing so is possible, create a closet space where you can hang your clothes during the day while working from home or store your shoes in a large cabinet beneath your desk when not being worn.

When it comes to your home office, you might be focused on more of your big-ticket items like an office desk or office chair. Lighting can tend to be an afterthought, but the fact is that poor lighting can cause eyestrain and headaches, and it can definitely have an effect on your mood. Below are tips for maximizing lighting in your home office design. They are proven to reduce stress and enhance your concentration. Therefore, adding plants to your home office can brighten your day and set your positive mood for work. If you don’t need to close the door to focus on your work, consider carving out a home workspace that is part of a larger or open-plan room.

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Desks are the focal point of any home office, and you’ll want to consider what the desk feels like as well as what it looks like. “Always invest in properly proportioned desks,” Kramer says. Betsy Moyer is a co-founder of and interior designer atRetreat, an experiential design firm. A 19th-century Spanish sunburst mirror hangs in the master bedroom of a Virginia residence designed by Thomas Pheasant; two blanc de chine export vases were mounted as lamps.

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This desk has been imagined as a volume that descends from the ceiling and climbs down the side of cabinets before bridging the gap and diving into the floor. Indoor plants breathe life into a soothing neutral colour palette, and cool geometric accents bring the decor bang on trend. This treble work space is brightened by the contrasting colours and shapes of three different home office chairs, and an arrangement of coloured wall planters. This little home office nook from Maestri Studio has a built-in desk, layered lighting, framed art, and wallpaper on the ceiling to make it feel tailored and integrated into the rest of the home.

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Some super sleek curves—architect Charles Gwathmey’s signature—distinguish his St. Barts home office and its sucupira-wood desk, designed by Kang Chang and fabricated on the island. The swivel chairs are by Hans Wegner from DK Vogue, and the ceiling fan is by Boffi. The study in this New York apartment designed by Desai/Chia features aluminum shelving by Rakks and just enough color and shapes for oomph. Lindsey is Editor of Realhomes.com and Editor in Chief for Home Ecommerce at Future. She is here to give you aspirational, yet attainable ideas for your home and works with her team to help you get the best buys, too. She is happiest sipping a cup of tea with a cat on her lap . Factoring a home office into an extension design is far easier than building an external garden office as you are already closer to your power and heat supplies.

Incorporate Storage And Shelving

Before you start designing your home office space, make a list of all the tech you or your client needs. Have an idea for where you can set or store each major item.

  • Think about using colors and shapes from those natural features.
  • Maintain a minimalistic organization and a clean desk so your mind won’t wander from one thing to another that easily.
  • Sarah Schwuchow, owner/principal interior designer at Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors, agrees that you don’t need a full-scale wall to produce the necessary delineation.
  • Not only do you need to consider how your office will function in terms of layout and decor, but also the impact it’ll have on your mood.

The over 6,800 square feet of usable space includes 6 bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms, and an executive office with incredible ocean views. After 2020 and the summer months with children underfoot, it may have become glaringly obvious just how important it is to have a designated work area at home. So for those who may want to refresh a current space home office tips or are renovating to accommodate such a room, here are 5 design tips to create an office that is refreshing, inspiring and motivating. Being able to work from home is one of the best things about running ane-commerce business. Not only do you get to decide your own work hours, but you can also design your office space exactly as per your needs.

Tips For Designing A Productive Home Office

Feel free to spice up your office design with a blast of color — just remember that color can affect the mindset of the office user. A floating shelf unit or folding desk makes use of vertical real estate instead. Home offices are often created in small rooms or even repurposed areas like an attic. When this is the case, your design should make the most out of the small space. If placing a desk in front of the window is an option, consider your own preferences. If you’re a professional, ask your client how they feel facing a window all day. Some people love to look out a window when they sit at their desks.

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If something’s pretty but not practical, does it really deserve a home there? Thankfully, just pretty and just practical aren’t your only options. And well-designed desk accessories can add function and form to your space in equal measure. Rounding out our list of home office ideas is this verdant gem.

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The stealth home office nearly disappears thanks to a lucite waterfall desk and transparent Louis Ghost chair made from clear polycarbonate. Ursula Carmona for Home Made By Carmona turned a closet off her living room into a functional home office. The small but functional space has a built-in desk and storage painted in matte blue, shelves styled with knicknacks, and a modern pendant light that gives the tiny space some dimension. Lunch at your desk may sound appealing, but a soup spill could mean losing time and important paperwork.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Home Office

If your service is subpar, consider changing to an alternative internet provider or buying and installing aWi-Fi router before setting up a home office. It’s easy to get distracted when slow internet connection disrupts your workflow all the time. Instead of choosing just any green plants, pick something that is easy to maintain and helps improve air quality. The spider plant, dracaena, ficus and Boston fern are particularly well known for their air filtering qualities. A standing desk won’t magically transform your health, but it will improve productivity, focus and heart health. If you don’t like juggling windows, a second monitor should at the top of your wish list.

How To Design A Home Office For Productivity

One of the greatest benefits of a home office is the freedom to decorate and design your workspace as you wish, but without letting either space lose its distinct identity. In other words, we shouldn’t blend the workplace with the rest of our personal space, aka home. Furthermore, there are always unused in-between spaces that can greatly serve you. If you are really into DIY, you can definitely make your own desk by simple materials.